A nice list of free SEO tools to boost your web performance

This list of free SEO tools will surely help you in your daily SEO tasks. Because Google’s rules are constantly evolving, the optimization of your website cannot be done without help. These 12 tools and guides will help you save time and optimize the positioning of your site.

Google Page Speed Insights

Page speed refers to the time it takes for a browser to fully load a page on an interface. A slow loading speed can negatively affect the positioning of your website. Slow page speed can also increase your bounce rate because your visitors will tend to leave your site quickly if your content takes too long to load. Google PageSpeed Insights analyzes the speed at which a page loads from a URL and displays a score between 0 and 100. A score above 85 is considered good.

We tested this tool with Moz’s site. The tool offers a clear visualization of performance. As you can see, the tool shares the results between user experience and page speed. For example, Moz’s mobile site got 66 points for user experience and 70 points for page speed which suggests that some improvements can be made. It is also possible to access more information to see the details of the report.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you feedback on the overall performance of your site. Among a large number of parameters, the application provides a clear picture of your traffic and where it comes from, the characteristics of your audience, the type of interface used and many other useful information. You will have access to all the information you need to manage your site’s performance and ROI. In the report presented below, you can see from which source your visitors come from, your bounce rate, the number of sessions, etc.

Google Trends

What are the trends not to be missed on the web? What are Internet users talking about and what are they looking for? Google Trends allows you to search for keywords by popularity, compare them and access useful information. These insights will help you know which segment to focus on and choose the most relevant keywords for your business or product.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool provides a variety of long tail keyword suggestions based on a keyword. This free version can be very useful for your content strategy and for optimizing your keywords. You can search for keywords by country or on different search engines. We have tested with the word “webmarketing” in the USA and in English language and here are all the possibilities:


Duplicated content is an obsessive fear of any SEO manager. Siteliner finds all duplicate content on your website. Fill in your URL and the application will give you an overview of what is duplicated within your site and your links. You can access the details to get more information.


Like Siteliner, Copyscape detects duplicate content but outside your blog. It informs you of any plagiarism of your content on other sites.

Google Webmaster Tool

This application gives you feedback on your SEO by providing data, tools and diagnostics. It helps you comply with Google’s rules. However, this tool does not provide you with a complete and detailed view of your performance. How can you be sure that your best product pages are easily indexed by Google and that they meet all the important factors for good positioning?

Google Keyword Planner

This tool can be a very good partner for your Adwords strategy or simply to know which keywords the Internet users are looking for. Google offers data about monthly search volume, competition, suggested terms, etc.

QuickSprout Website Analyser

This very understandable and intuitive tool offers an overview of your SEO: speed, tags, keywords, social signal, links and even a benchmark of your competitors.

Moz Toolbar

The Moz Bar is a browser extension that provides important SEO metrics on the search engine performance of all the pages you visit such as domain authority, page authority and more.